Seeta Jayanti
September 18, 2019
September 22, 2019

Hindus everywhere celebrate a special occasion – Sri Hanumaan Jayanti . Whatever aspirations and spiritual goals we may have – May Sri Hanumaanji bless us all with inspiration that enables us to become better at participating and engaging in all of the things that life demands of us.

May engagements on this day that involves Bhakti, Love, Prayers, Chalisas, Bhajans, Reverence – May all of these bring us closer to realization.

Hanumaan, the incarnation of Shiva (11th Rudra), son of Kesari and Anjani, with the power of Vayu, appeared as a Vaanar – forest dweller- and yet attained a prominent place among the Hindu deities, due to his sincerity and devotion to His Master, Shri Raam..

His life, His attributes, His characteristics, all displays exemplary behaviour, and His roles as a friend, an ambassador, a sentry, a philosopher are all also truly remarkable. In Him all the branches of Yogas intersect, for He is the best of Karma, Bhakti, Gyaana and Raaj Yogins.

His raashi name was Sundar, the reason Valmeeki named a whole book of the Ramayan relating Hanumaan’s wonderful exploits -SundarKaand. He became Hanumaan when Indra’s Vajra ( Thunderbolt weapon ) struck him on the jaw scarring him for life and giving him the name Hanumaan, the one with a scarred jaw. The word Hanumaan is made up of two words, Hanu (scarred) and Man ( mind ) meaning the scarred mind. He is depicted as a monkey for this purpose, because the same way a monkey springs from one branch to the next effortlessly, so does the human mind spring from one thought to the next effortlessly. It takes a Raama to bring Hanumaan under control and look at his achievements. Become a controller of your mind and watch what you can accomplish. This is the reason the Vaanar ( a Forest Dweller) is depicted as a monkey.

The stories and legends surround his birth and earlier years are many. Because of his mischievousness as a child, he got into trouble frequently and by a twist of fate he became unaware of his own strength and power. In the Raamaayan, we find him, awakening to his true potential, when reminded of his purpose. Then He alone, must leap across the ocean, to bring news of Mother Seeta’s’ whereabouts. This caused Shri Raam to express his sentiments saying “O Hanumaan, the debt of gratitude I owe you can never be repaid”.

Asked by Bhagwaan Sri Raam what He could do for him, Hanumaan replies ” Bhagwaan, I only want that my love and respect for You shall never diminish and that I should never contemplate anything else except you”

His meeting with Mother Seeta and how He conducts himself, with gentleness and modesty, and helping to uplift Her spirits – we sing of Him as being the remover of distress and depression – Sankat Mochan Hanumaan.

As Shri Raam’s ambassador, He stands in Raavana’s court, unafraid, replying to questions posed to Him. He speaks in a firm tone, bold but not arrogant, and He ensures the messages He must deliver are done with the best of diplomacy. In this role He ensures that His Master’s position is not compromised. He advises Raavan “ .. I implore you with joined palms, O Raavan, give up your arrogance, and heed my advice. Think of your lineage and view things clearly“.

The legends of Shri Hanumaan are many. These made him earn the appellation of Mahabeer, the great Hero. He is the foundation of Shri Raam’s success. Let the example that is Sri Hanumaan serve as the vehicle to help us become true devotees and masters of ourselves. He represents in every way what we would like to be – the symbol of strength and power, yet compassionate and humble, always at the feet of Shri Raam.


Jai Shri Raam. Jai Shri Hanumaan.

Pandit Hari Sookram