Hanuman Jayanti
September 20, 2019
September 24, 2019

Raam Naumi is now here and on this most important and auspicious Hindu observation, Hindu Professional Society of Canada extends its best wishes to all devotes and to all of our members and their affiliated temples. May it be that whatever aspirations and spiritual goals you may have – May that Lord of Created Beings Bless us all and enable us to become better at all of LIFE’s callings.

Bhagwaan Sri Raam is the Ideal Son, the Ideal Brother, the Ideal Spouse, the Ideal Friend, the Ideal King, the Ideal Master. He embodies the highest ideals of humanity. This celebration of Raam Naumi or the remembrance of the coming of the Lord is the awakening of all of these ideals within the human heart and mind.

Raam Naumi occurs on the ninth phase of the bright half of the lunar month of Chaitra. At all temples, observations will be held to mark this occasion. Devotees will engage in re-enactment of the events leading up the coming of the Lord and his arrival on this earthly pane.

Bhagwaan Sri Raama’s story and all the various sub-plots, related events and stories, are contained in the Raamaayan. Among the sacred books of the Hindu Culture this book, The Raamaayan holds the loftiest position.

The essential teachings of the Raamaayan at the levels of individual development are:

The benign and the malign are the two potent forces in nature. Conflict between these two are in evidence everywhere.

There is no being on earth who are without enemies (internal and external). Facing the enemy is the eternal problem. All beings must get their training in this respect.

Raamyaan teaches us to brave the enemy – both internal and external. The actions of Bhagwaan Sri Raam are in many ways, instructions on how to accomplish this training and make ourselves and this world we live in a better place.

May it be that in whatever ways we celebrate the coming of Bhagwaan Sri Raam that all of Bhajans, our Prayers, our Meditiations, our Sacrifices, bring us all joy and fulfillment.

Hindu Professional Society Canada.